Shine On: The Gift from Jikume Bethlehem to the World


By Simeon Nwakaudu

The soul lifting song, Shine-On by Jikume Bethelem premiered in Port Harcourt on Sunday, June 23, 2019. The song is carefully worded and will help in strengthening the spirit for the purpose of personal and societal growth.

This song has strong philosophical and spiritual root. It is a major departure from the all sound and no content that dominates the airwaves.

Shine on, possesses all the qualities of a song that a country like Nigeria needs. Jikume took her time to appeal to us to use our talents and opportunities to conquer our environment.

She encourages us to be strong in the face of challenges, social conflicts and all other excuses that trap us in the backwaters of non-performance. As you listen to the song, you have no choice but to be re-energized for performance and achievements.

She emphasised the already known maxim. Nothing good comes easy. In other words, you must work hard to attain success. There is no short way to success. You must invest your time and personal resources for your own good and that of the society.

Shine on, hold on , be strong and you can win, got me thinking. We are all in this race to win despite our shortcomings. If we fail on the way to our destination, it is simply part of our journey to success.

Severally, she asked us to rise above our fears, tears and shame because all things are possible if we believe. We must first win over ourselves before we make inroads into the society. We must first believe in our product, before others can buy into our project. We should promote ourselves and our products.

The Shine-On Musical Video is of good quality. For an upcoming artiste, the concept is great and the video quality is quite encouraging. She attempted to promote the youth and effectively used her environment.

However; I would have loved to see some aspects of struggle and eventual success in the video. A kind of practical journey down the road of success.

She is going to go places if she stays on course. Her presence in the Rivers entertainment scene is no longer a fluke. She has performed at the highest level in the state. She needs to conquer new territories.

The march to greatness is effectively on course. It will come with its natural turbulence, but she has no option, but to shine.

She was one of the musical features of the Wike Second Term Campaign. She also featured prominently during the Variety Night with Governor Wike to herald his second term.

By and large, Shine On will be an all-time classic. The beauty of the song will grow by the day. It has quality and it is rare gift to the world. It comes highly recommended at this time of national setback. There is always light if we have the courage to believe in ourselves.