People are going through untold hardship.


    It’s hard to imagine. Let’s be frankly speaking, Street Trade will not stop but atleast can be controlled with alternate measures.

    To push them out is to destroy the only dream they have of remaining human. The state government should take a second look at the law: perhaps the most urgent thing is to insist that anyone of school age, must not be found hawking, during school hours. And no matter what, Government should not rob people of the humour of the streets, a rich therapeutic part of life is the living from the street .

    We remember as part of life growing up, most persons sold things on street by hawking. say this, to people like Timaya, that sold plantain and those young, boys and girls on the streets of Port Harcourt that are now Big Entrepreneurs.

    Better Rivers is not against the ban on street trading or hawkering but we just want a Better life for a Better future of people living below a dollar.