To Check Street Trading


    Today is JULY 1ST, 2019. And to get hawkers off the streets, government must provide alternative opportunities and invest more in social capital. The menace of traffic hold ups in some areas should be addressed and a proper transportation network must be in place. Shops and kiosks must be affordable and accessible and markets should be located in user-friendly locations. Street hawkers are constrained by their social circumstances, most of all, by poverty.

    To check street trading, government must also address the rising threat of rural-urban migration. Port Harcourt as a growing megalopolis is the destination of choice for all kinds of adventurers from Nigerians to survive, they arrive in the city, like the so called Aba line in the Old Port Harcourt Township Niger and Bonny Streets, which have turned into marketplaces by some people collecting revenues and some having nothing to do, they manage to buy a basket, or a tray, which they fill with goods that may not be up to N7,000, and they jump onto the streets, struggling to earn a living as the traffic crawls.

    Letting the traders and others on unauthorized places go off the street is a good start of Governor Wike to restore the Garden City glories, But how ready are other Government officials, thus Governor can’t do all, there will be people on field.

    That is why Better Rivers urge the Rivers State Governor to critically examine the No Street Trade and proper policies that will better the Rivers people, thus some people with if, their selfishness are likely ready to convert these good motives of the Governor into money ventures sapping the ordinary trade people.