So far


Good morning friends and families, !

It looks like you’ve geared up for a great month. Here’s an overview of everything Better Rivers, your preferred online community went through so you can make sure it’s all working just like it should.

Last month we had wonderful moments connecting with new people, meeting them as well. We visited schools talking to teenagers about the high rate of people committing Suicide. We had Career Hookup meetings and collaborative activities with other personalities. We gave back to Charity through our FaceCap campaigns. We joined in several awareness campaigns and promoted a lot of SME, and Entertainers. We reached out to people, places and frequently gave highlights on issues bothering the people, also supported Government in progress of promoting a Better Rivers state Outreach on clean environs, people, and security. We are so excited to inform you that the TV talk show HOW UNA SEE AM, on NTA is back on, and we look forward for your participation and sponsorships.

Also we love that in your capacity and unconventional ways to donate and support the Better Rivers initiatives.

We had a whole lot on the run for July and this month of August, we are doubling our activities, and we thank you for sharing moments with us on Better Rivers.

Team Better Rivers