Numbers of street children are increasing in urban areas, especially this rainy season, lolest ! , no jokes ofcourse.


    There are currently street children in Port Harcourt, most of them have found side hustles for themselves by cleaning windscreens. They primarily live in various areas often found at uncompleted buildings. The children living on the streets are 75% male and 20% female, guessed so?. The reason for the increase of children living on the street is due to more urbanization, migration, lack of family support, poverty, uncontrolled child birth, increasing unemployment, and abandonment.

    To help the betterment of the street children and get them off the streets. The State Government has whether or not drafted any program and policy for trying to find these children a home a providing a better life. It is extremely necessary to support the deprived street children who are suppressed by their family, parents, and society. It is also likely that street children get involved in prostitution for survival just so they can provide enough food for them to eat. Due to the tough and unjust street life these children get involved in using tobacco, smoking cigarettes, alcohol abuse, and even in some cases injection of drugs. Some are even found to be affected by HIV due to the lack of education and sanitation of their lifestyle.

    The street children depends on you!

    Support the Better Rivers, My community cause, with your kind donations we can keep doing more.

    Acct name: Better Rivers
    Acct number :1015044858

    Thank you