Hookup Meeting


The largest social event of Better Rivers is here!

The Hookup meeting is a place where you connect, network, have fun, and engage in career-changing conversations.

Come hookup with most influential people, organisation, Government personnels, top brands, and individuals.

The Hookup 2019 will highlight the importance of personal growth and wholeness over the need to find the perfect opportunity, knowing that one can only find beta Career in themselves

#TheHookUpMeeting is FREE and you can register at http://bit.ly/BetterRiversHookUpMeetingContactlist

Time: 10am | Date: Friday, 11th October 2019

Venue: Delta Hotels
No. 1-3 Harley street old GRA Port Harcourt.

Don’t miss it and don’t come alone.

#HookUpMeeting #BetterRivers #TAYECONFERENCE