Kalabari Men are very knowledgeable


    Kalabari men are very knowledgeable and respond to issues in a very matured manner.

    Dear Friends and Family, Please nobody associated with me should respond to the diatribe by Oraye and those who have engaged him to do a hatchet job. I know how difficult it is to be silent in the face of the sustained attacks, lies, innuendos, malicious falsehood etc, but you know what? There is only one truth and it shall prevail. Yes, the issues as to where and how our father died and associated matters have been raised and they are rightly before the Nigeria and Ghana police and also before the courts in both Nigeria and Ghana for now.
    The peace that comes from the truth and justice is all we seek and it shall prevail.

    God keep us.
    Chief, Dumo Lulu-Briggs(Chief Mourner)

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