“Better Rivers” It is a great conversation starter amongst friends, and the reason why the most prestigious platform coined its name out from Rivers State. With over 1.5 billion internet users opting to connect in this casual and private environment. The introduction of the Better Rivers provides businesses with the ability to engage people and people to other people, in the same intimate manner. With this powerful Virtual Community, you can have real-time conversations with people and build great relationships, if you do so thoughtfully.

Entrepreneurs with a global customer base from retailers to airlines to banks have been clamouring for the opportunity to get a presence in order to connect with customers, around the State, in a simple and secure way, we created Beta Market to suit that need. That’s because Better Rivers has emerged as a convenient and necessary two-way communication channel for enterprises and the people we serve.

In fact, our progressive on social media have already adopted Facebook to engage with people, via interconnecting with our website, that trend, coupled with the fact that Facebook is now considered the world’s #1 application, and it’s clear to see why having a Better Rivers presence has turned into a must-engage priority.

Over the years, being among top social media platforms in Rivers state, our mission is to create strategies that will promote the state and create local content, innovative solutions for youths as already been, with the Beta Career HookUp, an organization of conferences, Hangout and Market Place, ‘Tagged HookUp’ powered by Better Rivers Faculty.

By joining the Better Rivers online community, we now have the opportunity to share richer communication messages, which can include photos, videos, documents and more, while having inspired conversations all within the platform and website app. With Better Rivers virtual community, you can have more intimate conversations, get personal, and chat directly with people you may know if they are in your existing contact list. And also help in building a Better Rivers State.

While the phrase “Better Rivers” is common, think of it as a branded identity that serves with integrity and non-partisan.

Our team had already deployed multiple streams of innovative solutions to enable truly personal and engaging experiences, and 2020, we will be seamlessly tapping into vast global reach.

Welcome to Better Rivers, you are invited to participate, promote and support the significance of an indigenous brand.


TIMA, President
Better Rivers