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"Our goal is to make Rivers State a land of peace and prosperity with boundless opportunities and possibilities"

– a place where no one is left behind...

Gov.Ezenwo Nyesom Wike


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    • Education and Training
      Education and training make up a massive volume of jobs and a good percentage of total employment. This career hookup includes all teaching and academic administration positions across all levels of education.
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    • 1 month ago


    • Finance
      The financial group covers all positions where money and finance management are the primary tasks. Covering all aspects of financial management, planning, and risk mitigation, the finance has been a rapidly growing and lucrative field. In addition the entire banking, insurance, and financial industry, this group of jobs also includes financial management within regular business.
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    • 3 weeks, 5 days ago


    • Government and Public Administration
      Government touches almost every aspect of our lives. Specialized government agencies are responsible for everything from processing taxes and labor statistics, to developing and regulating new opportunities. Be it in finance, medicine, accounting, law, education, science, or construction has application in work for the government, get hooked up.
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    • 6 days, 1 hour ago


    • Health Science
      Health is diverse range of professions, ranging from those directly involved with patients, to those that support, manufacture, and produce medical and health related products and innovations. Hook up with doctors, nurses, surgeons, medical personnel, hospital administration, medical scientists, disease management professionals, and any number of related careers.
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    • 1 month ago


    • Hospitality and Tourism
      Find every job and profession associated with lodging, dinning, and recreational events. Hookup with people in hospitality include waiters, restaurant managers, hotel management and hotel staff, tour guides, travel guides, resort workers, and operational staff in any type of leisure or travel related industry.
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    • 1 month ago


    • Human Services
      Helping people is the major goal in Human Services, and in our modern society, these positions play a very important role in the delivery of services and in the strengthening of communities. Hook up with people include social workers, state officials involved in public planning projects, certain teachers and , and others within the non-profit sector.
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    • 1 month ago


    • Marketing, Sales and Service
      Those who have the aptitude and ability to be friendly, persuasive and sympathetic can find exciting and lucrative careers in the selling and promotion a wide variety of products and services
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    • 1 month ago


    • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
      Transportation professionals plan, manage, and execute the movement of products, goods, commodities, and people through a variety of means. Hook up with people include positions with airlines, shipping companies, transportation services, railways, business, and other related industries.
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    • 1 month ago


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