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    PLEASE, Watch out for the poisonous rove beetle, called “PAPA”, could give you nasty boils and blisters on skin when crushed on it.

    The Rove Beetle, Paederus littoralis, also known as “papa” is a common insect in Nigeria. Of recent, there have been frequent reports of this insect and its activities. Well, this is because it’s breeding season for them now.

    Paederus littoralis are active during the day and attracted to bright lights after nightfall. The insect does not bite or sting. If crushed against the skin, its hemolymph (which contains pederin, a vesicant toxin) causes a characteristic skin irritation known as Paederus dermatitis. Within 12–36 hours, however, a reddish rash (erythema) appears, which develops into blisters. Irritation, including crusting and scaling, may last from two to three weeks.

    – If insect is found on skin, simply handpick, avoid crushing.
    – Washing the hands and skin with soap and water is strongly recommended, if contact with Paederus littoralis has occurred.