More Attention towards Domestic Violence


    Some Women and children who are subjected to family violence are vulnerable. The traditional focus of social policy responses has been on supporting them to leave situations of family violence through speaking up. More recently, there is increased interest in identifying strategies to assist victims of family violence to remain safely while the perpetrator of the violence are identified.

    At the Beta Lead Women Connect held over the weekend, an open discussions and questions was laid. Thanks to us having our speaker Nelly Ngbor Tjc Williams and facilitator Stephanie Yinkere founder Wumsy Cares, she is also a partner of the Beta Lead Women Connect with Better Rivers. They both outlined the issues and present suggestions to the questions as to how policy can be directed to removing domestic violence from the family homes.

    The discussion also explores some of the strategies and initiatives that have emerged elsewhere to address the problems identified, and recommends ways of making positive change.

    You can watch the recap of the live streamed clip on full Discussion at the just concluded Beta Lead Women Connect roundtable discussions.