We are not blaming the government for the ‘Open Gutter’


    We are not blaming the government for the ‘Open Gutter’. The government did it’s part by building the drainage. It’s the people who are suppose to partner in maintaining it, but who rather turn a blind eye to it that should be blamed.

    People tend to dispose wastes indiscriminately in the gutter, thereby blocking free flow of water and that’s bad. As the water remain stagnant and serve as a breeding site for harmful insects. Better Rivers joins RIWAMA on an enlightenment campaign, the need to undertake on the dangers of indiscriminate waste disposal.

    Let’s take a look, this gutter is at Tourist Beach junction, linking Bishop Fubara to Churchill. Do you think Julius Berger should return to site for a redesign to underground drainage or any errors for correction. Perhaps, this is too much for residents to help maintain what the government has put in place to help solve floods.

    What do you think might help restore Port Harcourt to it’s Garden City? “Comments”