Many of us watch red carpet events from afar


Many of us watch red carpet events from afar, but now we need to make it happen more in Rivers State…We need to believe in supporting brands and other up coming brands to stage an event in Rivers State more often. That’s how the Big artists and brand names comes in place.

You can host a red carpet event in honor of a movie-lovers, birthdays, as an Oscar night viewing party, Awards, to screen an ablum lunch/movie or for no reason at all, other than the chance to dress up like stars and meet new people and investors.

At Better Rivers, our concerns about everyday life is to make it worthwhile and a better society. Meet a Rivers Artist, a.k.a Ben6 with little or no support he tried to stage an event with a red carpet that keeps everyone talking. We call on big brands, government and recreational outlets to encourage events more in Rivers State.