– listen to wetin Better Rivers and Lead Destiny Joseph get to tell una wey bi woman.

Some women in Rivers State view Caesarean section as not only abnormal but also a significant subtraction from womanhood.
Majority of Nigerian women believe that Vaginal Delivery makes them more womanly and is the culturally acceptable mode of delivery. It is believed that A “real woman”has to bear the pains of labor no matter how long it lasts and subsequently delivers a healthy baby vaginally.

This is sad, yesterday a mother of 3 Children in Port Harcourt died during delivery after refusing to birth her 4th child through CS. Leaving her 6yr old daughter and 2 younger sons, it’s so painful the way she left.

This explains why women in Nigeria will accept CS only reluctantly even in the face of obvious clinical issues
In Nigeria, a lot of importance is laid on having a male child. Women continue to have babies until they are able to have at least a male child, and preferably two. Therefore, CS is seen as a limiting factor to one’s reproductive career.

Most women’s low level of education,is most likely to be associated with women’s non-acceptance of caesarean section. We believe that, this was mainly due to inaccurate cultural perceptions of caesarean section

There is a need for programs to increase women’s understanding and perceptions of CS as a method of delivery. The means through which a child is born does not determine how successful that child would become neither does it determine the future of the child and A baby deliverd through CS is not less human.

The most important thing is the mother is alive, baby is alive.
Forget what other women will say your life is more important than what people will say about you
Rivers women be alive for your children and family.

Better Rivers, applaud Leah Destiny Joseph for her contributions and continuous advocacy for Women and Child.