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As days grows and nights fall, so is our “ALUMNI”

So, for this once in a year get together event that’s not just all about reuniting, because it’s more than that for those who have been privileged to be at the last past yearly events that has taken place right from the very inception of the CSSA Alumni that no more a Alumni but a “CSSA FAMILY!”

And so because it’s no just of school classmates and childhood friends who by the very help of “SOCIAL MEDIA” platforms to reconnect with each other, wherever we are around the world, that’s why we have decided to not to just see each other as just friends but as brothers and sisters that makes up the very “CSSA FAMILY” we call ourselves…COMMANDOS

No doubt even as families we still have our bad times just like we also have our good times, but the very essence of coming together is not only to reunite, because that we have already achieved, this idea of coming together is to connect, reconnect, mingle, share ideas, introduce business opportunities, then discuss and also deliberate on it as we have been doing this past years, we have reconnected and becoming a “FAMILY!”

“BONDING” another very important part of why we have decided to always have a yearly “REUNION” moving from one part of the country to the other just to be able to give everyone who’s a member of this great family a feel of what it’s to be special and important too…