Agenda, 2020


Our approach has hit a responsive chord: The Better Rivers articles were read over 85 million times in 2019, in our targeted regions and State. Today, Better Rivers has relationships with scholars, cooperate organizations, Local and State Government, we published more than 8,000 articles, with tens of thousands of readers for every article on our platform.

If you are an academic interested in writing for us or having better societal solutions for youths and communities, even for the State, please send us a pitch.

Our major funding comes from the generous support of foundations, people and our faculty members, for which we are grateful. If you value the Better Rivers Virtual Community platform, we would appreciate your donation.

We are resuming for offline outreach programs, community volunteer services and support for Small Scale Businesses on Monday, the 6th January 2020.

Our goals and emphases on creating impact for youths, building a better Rivers State and people, We begin 2020, Breaking Limits, thank you for being with us.

Better Rivers

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