To Every Child


Few things in life are as momentous as the birth of a child. When a child comes into our lives, we cheer and hug them, our faces wet with joyful tears. And every year after, we celebrate the anniversary of the day our child entered the world with birthday parties and gifts. The fact that we do expresses to our children just how much we love them and how grateful we are that they were born.

Every child deserves to be celebrated. Every child deserves better education and devoted to heavenly father. But some children don’t have mothers and fathers and grandparents to throw them parties. Others have loving families who wish they could do more on their children’s birthdays, but can barely afford to give them what they need every other day of the year.

That’s why, years ago, Better Rivers started the Better Child, a tradition of celebrating children in our programs.

We provide little of what we have to children, sponsored skilled training and give a little extra fun for every Child.

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